Financial Reporting

 ü  Verification of supporting documents (On Sampling Basis)

ü  Verification of Recording day to day petty cash transactions (On Sampling Basis)

ü  Verification of Accounting of monthly payroll.

ü  Reviewing of month-end entries such as depreciation, prepaid expenses, and accrual entries.

ü  Closing the books of accounts on monthly basis.

ü  Reviewing the Calculation of gratuity and leave accrual for employees on yearly basis.

ü  General Ledger Audit.

ü  Reviewing Bank Reconciliation.

ü  Finalizing Monthly Financial statements; Income statement, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Statement.

ü  Monthly presentation of accounts.

ü  On call availability for Accounting related queries and concerns

ü  Supporting to finalize Yearly External Audit (Coordinating with external Auditors to finalize final Financial Statements. 


Accounting & Bookkeeping L.L.C.