Cash Cycle & working capital needs – credit line-

After recording all the entries and adjustment entries professionally in a way that shows fairly the financial position of the company, and based on the calculated activity ratios and understanding the business model, this will help us to calculate the finance gap which the company in this case need to get the finance from Banks (or self-contribution from the owners)

(Inventory days, Receivables days and Payables days), these ratios will help us to understand the need of financing for the business, which we at FCS can calculate along with all risks involved to propose for the founder of the company and the lenders the real need for the business in order to assure smooth cash flow during the life of the business.

On the other hand, supporting the company top prepare projected cash flows along with procurement department, with sensitivity analysis for the cash flow in order to get the finance needed to support the deficit during the life of the project to assure smooth cash flow and avoid any risk of default

In +15 years existence for the founders in UAE market, we have established a very good relationship with banks, which will help us to get the finance needed for our customers.

Accounting & Bookkeeping L.L.C.